EIS/SEIS Tax Beneficial Investments

Falcon Capital Partnership are pleased to be able to offer our clients an opportunity to acquire equity in Equilibrium Labs™ Limited, through a Series A fundraising round.

Equilibrium Labs™ is a pioneering UK, Health and Beverage company whose primary goal is to eliminate the undesirable effects of alcohol and toxins on the liver while simultaneously complimenting the Health and Beverage industry by reducing any harm often accompanying overindulgence.

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Equilibrium Labs™ is currently offering 150,000 shares for sale for a £1.5m investment. On a fully diluted basis, this equates to a post-money valuation of £10m.  The raise, therefore, represents 15% of the company once fully diluted.

Equilibrium Labs™ has developed a highly innovative range of health supplements which cross 3 distinct billion-dollar categories: Vitamin & Dietary Supplements ($86 billion per annum), Nutraceuticals (projected $207 billion for 2016) and Detoxification (boutique cleansing juices alone are worth $60 billion per annum).  Within each of these categories the  Equilibrium Labs ™ products provide health, convenience and cost benefits to the consumer; when included as part of a crossover range it provides retailers with an opportunity to drive new sales and attract new customers across different market segments.  Currently, two flagship products are available for sale through pharmacies, health food supply outlets, direct marketing (infomercials), clubs/bars, restaurants, hotel mini-bars and online.

These are SOBER UP® and DELIVERANCE™.  Both of these groundbreaking serums, through the use of formulae developed with natural plant extracts which are clinically proven to:

fortify and detoxify the liver
assist with the recovery from such things as food poisoning and chemotherapy
help sustain mental clarity
rapidly reduce BAC levels