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Who Are Falcon Capital Partnership?

Falcon introduces private investors to attractive investment opportunities. We introduce simple and transparent alternative investment products that are normally only accessible to financial institutions, the ultra high net worth or the extremely well connected

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About Us

Falcon Capital Partnership provide an exclusive introductory platform allowing high net worth investors to connect with innovative UK companies offering funding and investment opportunities. Whether you are looking to add a highly researched income bearing investment to your portfolio, or a niche company or project with high growth potential, we strive to bring you something different to the rest of the crowd.

Why Falcon Capital Partnership?

Falcon introduces private investors to attractive investment opportunities.

We introduce simple and transparent alternative investment products to self certified investors who are actively seeking to diversify their portfolio.

We work with investment providers who offer wealth building opportunities in real estate, private equity and fixed income.

We enforce a company culture of discipline and accountability and our consultants are encouraged to maintain the highest ethical standards and above all, remain fully transparent when introducing opportunities.

When dealing with any member of our team, you can expect professional introduction to the investment you have shown an interest in.

Our Promise

We never cold call potential investors
We never handle client funds
We do not offer investment swaps or execute sale orders
We do not provide financial advice
We will only introduce an opportunity once a potential investor has asked for the information
We always aim to build lasting relationships with clients from the first introduction
We will always provide you with afull explanation of the risks involved with each specific alternative investment as part of the investment marketing materials we introduce to you.

Investment Process

We have a passion for highly investable opportunities, we provide a valuable service to those who understand that considerable returns can be made by aligning carefully selected alternatives with their existing investments.

First Stage

The opportunity is presented in the form of an Investment Proposal Memorandum (“IM”) from our Provider which covers all aspects of the deal including the investment terms, the financial structure, the potential risks and the targeted returns, including exit strategy and timescale. All IM’s from our Providers are clear, concise and well researched. They are often accompanied by specific marketing material on the opportunity itself.

Second Stage

Client reviews the IM and may decide to invest at that point or may ask for additional information and, as such, we are always available to provide more information on the investment and seek answers from the investment provider and relay them to you, in person, by telephone or email.

Third Stage

The investment is made by subscription form and direct payment is made to the company itself or custodian. Our Providers facilitate all documentation to the client (and EIS documents where relevant).

Fourth Stage

Once the investment is complete the clients receive full confirmation of settlement from our Provider. Clients will receive regular updates from us or directly from the Provider

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