Falcon Capital Partnership

Falcon Capital Partnership provide an exclusive introductory platform allowing high net worth investors to connect with innovative UK companies offering funding and investment opportunities.

Whether you are looking to add a highly researched income bearing investment to your portfolio, or a niche company or project with high growth potential, we strive to bring you something different to the rest of the crowd

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Acquire equity in Equilibrium Labs™ Limited, through a Series A fundraising round.

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For all investors it is a requirement by law to have completed a Self Certification form for HNWI or sophisticated investor.

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About Falcon Capital Partnership

Established in 2015, Falcon Capital Partnership and its founders were equipped from day one with an already rooted network of private equity managers, commercial/residential property developers and family offices.

Recognising the individual needs of high net-worth investors has enabled us to diverge from conventional investment attitudes. As part of a measured investment approach, our introduced clients have been able to avoid the stagnancies and volatilities for which the markets are often known.

Why Choose Falcon?

We provide a valuable service for our providers who rely on us to introduce their products to private and institutional investors who are actively seeking opportunities...

Why Alternatives?

Alternatives or non-traditional assets are commonly utilized to diversify an investment portfolio and achieve returns independent of the performance of the stock market.

Why Diversify?

Alternative investments may help diversify a portfolio because they typically have a low level of correlation to more traditional asset classes.

Why Now?

Low interest rates are helping to fuel the growing interest from investors looking to generate a higher return on their cash.

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